Hormone Replacement therapy for Women

Restor hormonal Balance

Many women experience the effects of hormone imbalance as they age, some as early as age 35.

No one can accurately predict when, or if these symptoms will occur and the extent to which they may impact the quality of your life.

There are key signals that should alert you to the possibility that changes you sense in your body may be related to depleted hormone levels. If you notice loss of libido, unexpected weight gain, forgetfulness, unusual mood swings, changes in the look and feel of your hair and skin, or just general fatigue and a lack of energy or drive, you are probably experiencing the unpleasant side effects of perimenopause or menopause. 

Restoring hormonal balance has many positive health benefits as well as helping to control symptoms of menopause.

We only prescribe bioidentical hormones that are produced to exacting standards by qualified professional pharmacies. These products are designed to mirror the hormones produced by the body.
How does Riverhead Wellness treat symptoms of hormone deficiency?
We start every consultation with a complete hormone blood panel and questionnaires to thoroughly evaluate your symptoms and identify what type of therapy you may benefit from. At Riverhead Wellness, we treat patients, not numbers, and treatment plans are tailored to address your symptoms.

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