About Riverhead Wellness


Dr. Miller

Dr. Nathan Miller grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and completed his bachelor degree in Chinese Studies from the University of Arizona in  1998. His a graduate of Boston University School of Medicine and completed his training in family medicine at David Grant Medical Center, Travis Air Force Base in 2011. He served as an active duty physician in the United States Air Force in California, South Korea and Hawaii from 2008 to 2016.

Out of a desire to better understand how to help his patients, Dr. Miller completed a board certification in Obesity Medicine in 2019. He is passionate about connecting to patients and helping them meet their goals. Dr. Miller started Riverhead Wellness because he believes medicine should be used to help us all live our best lives.

When he is not in clinic, Dr. Miller can be found hiking the Shenandoah mountains, floating down the Rivanna river, or spending time with his wife and daughter.